16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (2022)

Illustration by Elena

“Women’s voices have always been here. The problem isn’t that women are afraid to speak but rather were you listening when they were speaking?”

For 2022, in light of the General Elections (GE-15) that was happening in the country, we shared stories of women in Malaysia – their experiences, lived realities, and their calls of demands to their MPs to make Malaysia a more just place to live.

This campaign is dedicated to these courageous, strong, and resilient voices. It is dedicated to all these women who have been resistant to the injustices they faced.

When the cabinet appointment list was out, we were disappointed with the lack of women, disabled, Indian, etc. representation but we were even more surprised to see the posts on our social media accounts talking about how representation is not needed because in this time of repairing our dire economy, it is not a priority and that we shouldn’t appoint someone based on their gender.

Our wrapped-up post intends to tackle these debates, explaining why representation still and will always matter.

Our 16 Days of Activism campaign can be found on our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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