Virtual Workshop Roadshow

Illustration from Miro

One of the difficult things we found hard to articulate or enumerate is when women’s and girls’ public participation is undermined, compromised, or totally denied. Hence, we sought to shape public narratives with a focus on reaching young women (which eventually included girls, young men, and boys as well) through virtual workshops.

We adopt a collaborative approach where our workshop materials are designed and delivered on the demands and needs of our stakeholders (young people, students) and intermediaries who work with young people/students.

Check out what we have done over the years:

Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Berani Soal (2022)

Picture taken from our Virtual Workshop Roadshow In June 2022, after last year’s successful run, we relaunched our virtual workshop roadshow. This time, rebranded with a brand new name ‘Berani Soal’ to reflect the purpose and nature of the program. From online gender-based violence to feminist principles of the Internet, digital rights, and cancel culture…

Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Unpacking Online Gender-Based Violence (2021)

Pictures taken from our Virtual Workshop Roadshow Early 2021, we put up an open call to event and community organizers to invite us to jointly host a virtual workshop with their organization, society, collective, or a group of friends. These workshops would allow us to unpack topics in ways that are easier to understand for…

Virtual Workshop Roadshow Zine: Risalah Abby

Cover Page of Risalah Abby In conjunction with our 2021 Virtual Workshop Roadshow, ‘Unpacking Online Gender-Based Violence’, we created a Zine to further the awareness of online gender-based violence, its harms to victims, and the resources available to help victims. This Zine centers around the story of Sara, a 15-year-old girl who becomes a victim of…

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